Pura was conceived with a simple notion… to provide the safest and most adaptable juvenile feeding and adult hydration solutions to consumers around the world.  We are proud to combine market changing innovation with an award winning eco-progressive business model.  Pura has been recognized with thirty-four business and product awards propelling our brand into more than 40 countries.

Our products include the first and only 100% plastic-free, NonToxic Certified bottle on the global market as well as the first modular lid system designed to adapt to, and grow with, the user.  Other innovations include our novel natural vent nipple line, our bestselling plastic-free valved spout and straw tops, the first leak resistant silicone lid cover, the first 100% plastic-free straw bottle, and the only 100% plastic-free sport bottle. Our products are protected by 15 issued patents covering both our bottles and our unique silicone lids.

Most importantly, we remain a family-owned business with an eye on continuous innovation and an unparalleled focus on quality.  We hope you will give us a chance to prove our value.    One Life… One Bottle™

so there is never a metallic taste nor do the bottles absorb flavors like bottles using plastic lids.  When you choose a bottle from Pura you can be sure you are getting the safest, most durable and highest quality bottle on the market today.


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